Freezer Frost Heave Prevention

Subfreezing temperatures inside cold rooms and freezers can seep through the floor, even when it is well insulated. As the soil underneath freezes, capillary action draws water into the frozen areas where the water forms a concentrated ice mass. As the ice mass grows, it can heave the floor and columns, causing damage to the structure and putting valuable inventory at risk.

Freezer Frost Heave Prevention Heat Trace System

Freezer-Frost-Heave-Prevention-Commercial.jpgnVent Thermal Management offers a freezer frost heave prevention system that when installed in the subfloor under the freezer-floor insulation, can prevent frost heave damage in commercial freezers, ice arenas or other cold room areas.

Other frost heave prevention systems, such as hydronic heating systems, require a complex design that:

  • Requires regular maintenance to various components
  • Can be an environmental hazard as there is a risk of leaking glycol into the soil

nVent Thermal Management frost heave prevention systems have a simple design consisting of:

  • Electric heat trace cables – nVent RAYCHEM RaySol heat trace cables adjust their power output to compensate for temperature variations and can be installed in conduit; or nVent PYROTENAX MI heat trace cables which are supplied as complete factory-fabricated assemblies, provide constant power output, and can be installed in conduit or directly embedded underneath the subfloor
  • Connection kits and accessories – easy-to-install items for making electrical connections and properly completing the installation, such as power connections, end seal kits and junction boxes
  • Advance control systems – controllers that monitor and/or control the heat trace cable to help maintain the temperature of the surface

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